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*Join the knitters--if you bring some chunky yarn and needles, we will even teach you to knit or crochet at a Knit Night!--and create a scarf to give out to someone with the tagline, “I made this for you.” If you want our team of scarf-makers to distribute your scarves, we will even pick them up and deliver them to our members.

*If you know how to knit or crochet and would like to teach others your skill, join us at a Knit Night and spread your talent. Check out the calendar on this website to learn more.

*If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, help us pick up older adults on cold days, and take them out to deliver scarves.

*Volunteer to tie STW cards into scarves that have already been made.

*Donate yarn to our organization knowing it will be put into the hands of those who can’t afford it who will find purpose through knitting and spreading these random acts of kindness.

*If you would like to donate money that would be used for buying yarn for those who can't afford it and for Spreading the Warmth's yearly expenses, every dollar will go towards the mission of this organization. Contribution forms for your tax-deductible donations are available upon request.

*Tell others about this organization, and as you do, you will be “spreading the warmth” in the best possible way.

For more information on joining any of these activities, e-mail us at

    Your tax-deductible donation can be sent to:

We are Spreading the Warmth Inc.  10506 Countess Drive 

Dallas, Texas 75229