Thanks to all who have joined us at our Knit Nights!  What fun we have had getting to know each other as we knit,crochet, tag, and bag scarves that are currently being given out in six states!  We even have three sister groups that have formed outside of the Dallas area; they are in Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; and Pemberton, New Jersey. Each fall, many boxes of scarves are mailed to our field representatives in these cities, and each representative ensures that the scarves are given out individually to those who need them. Our scarves have even been given to people in Chile, Spain, Iceland, Argentina, and Australia! We would love to have your help as we continue to add purpose to people's lives and to make a difference as we spread warmth and kindness throughout the world.


Please join us at our Second Saturday Knit Nights! Each event is held upstairs at the Whole Foods Market on the SE corner of Preston and Forest

in North Dallas.  Each meeting is "come and go" from 6:30-9:00 p.m.  

Come and learn how to knit (or crochet) or come to enjoy the company of other members of Spreading the Warmth

as we knit and crochet scarves for others.


Questions? E-mail Christine at